An energy revolution based on renewables and energy efficiency is urgently needed not just to accelerate economic progress and development, but also to slash emissions that are rapidly warming our planet.

The need to achieve a low-carbon future and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 is becoming a pressing issue for European policymakers. We must ensure that all countries have the chance to be part of an energy transition that seizes the opportunity to significantly improve the wellbeing of people, and the planet. It has been long recognized that the global energy system needs to change and in our opinion, the change has to start with young people, by educating them on these topics and seeking and implementing new ideas from them.

As it was mentioned, the change has to start with the younger generations. Our leading role is directly targeting the youth and up-and-coming engineering students as future problem solvers of numerous challenges and threats which we face on a daily basis as a society. We know the potential the youth has in this world and we strive to highly motivate them to participate in the conference that takes place annually. 

Our belief is that the cooperation between the youth and the professionals in this field becomes of crucial importance when it comes to developing strategies, ideas, plans and solutions to our present problems and for those to be implemented in the future. SCEESD includes broad and important current research areas such as renewable energy sources, their huge potential and possibilities as well as all problems regarding their utilization, also all of the classical and innovative solutions for improving energy efficiency. The youth can work on modern topics such as automation or smart grids which consist of integration and regular utilization of electric vehicles leading to an increase of the sustainability and reliability of power supply.

With this, we believe this will help in providing a platform for the next generation to get their voices heard and guide them into the role of the innovators of the future.