We would like to present you the 10 year Jubilee agenda of the Student Conference "Energy efficiency and sustainable development". The online Plenary sessions can be found on the next...

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Greetings, The Organizing Committee of SCEESD would like to inform you all that the deadline for the submission of the abstract and the paper has been extended for the last time. This will be your last chance to submit and participate in the tenth Student Conference...

Role of the youth in the future of the European energy transition

An energy revolution based on renewables and energy efficiency is urgently needed not just to accelerate economic progress and development, but also to slash emissions that are rapidly warming our planet. The need to achieve a low-carbon future and reduce greenhouse...


This year 2022, when the European Year of Youth is being celebrated, SCEESD will celebrate its 10th anniversary, by organizing the 10th Student Conference of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development in the period from 26.10.2022 till 29.10.2022. SCEESD was...

The deadline for the abstract and paper has been extended!!!

We would like to inform you that the deadline of the submission for the abstract and paper for the tenth Student Conference Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development has been extended!!! Submission of the abstract till: 05.09.2022 Submission of the full paper...

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The motive for organizing such a conference is closely related to its subject. The issues concerning energy efficiency and sustainable development are becoming more important on a global scale every day. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that they assure to find solutions for multiple challenges the modern world is facing. The whole humanity is dealing with the problem of ensuring enough energy resources to feed its needs, as much as making them available for the generations to come. As future engineers, we consider it our responsibility to contribute in finding solutions for sustainable development. In order to achieve this aim, we need to gain as much knowledge as possible in this area. Moreover, it is important to exchange international experiences and coordinate with the most up to date trends in energy efficiency. We look forward to improving the present situation with implementing creative solutions.  


In the recent years, many conferences are held in the Republic of North Macedonia in order to promote energy efficiency. Beside all of their advantages, such as raising awareness for energy savings, most of these events usually do not aim at one key target group – the students. These future academic citizens are going to have the leading role in this scientific field just a few years from now. Throughout this conference students will be given the opportunity to research in particular subject about energy efficiency and sustainable development and profound their knowledge. The conference itself becomes a bridge between professionals and students, working together on solutions for sustainable development and green future. It is a unique opportunity to gather together students, their professors, experts and successful companies that work in this area. Exchanging experiences helps everyone make progress in their scientific career and personal development.


1. Raising awareness for the need of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and sustainable development measures, mainly targeting engineering students as future problem solvers of numerous challenges which are faced by modern society.

2. Ensuring scientific work on globaly important subjects

3. Experience and knowledge exchange with experts in this area

4. Possibilities of making contacts at different levels (between companies, professors, students) for future cooperation.


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